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Model No.: 52-0150, Advanced Anaesthesia Workstation

Anaesthesia Machine

Nataso Advanced Anaesthesia Workstation is developed keeping in mind your need of compact and user friendly design of Anaesthesia delivery system that helps you deliver attentive care to the patient rather than on the equipment. Nataso Advanced Anaesthesia Workstation supports low-flow and minimal and extensive ventilation capabilities all packed in slim and ergonomic design.


  • Rust free framework
  • Deep spacious drawer units
  • Dual cascaded rotameters for O2 & N2O and single flowmeter for Air
  • Wide monitoring shelf at eye level
  • Convenient common gas outlet
  • Hook for breathing circuit
  • Open-Close circuit switch control
  • Convenient mounting of circle absorber
  • In-built venturi type suction
  • Auxiliary flowmeter for O2
  • Twin Selectatec mountings for 2 Agent Specific Vaporisers
  • Pin Indexed yokes Two for O2 and Two for N2O

Patient Safety Features:

  • Integrated Hypoxic Guard
  • Emergency O2 flush
  • Alarm to provide audible indication of O2 supply pressure failure
  • N2O shut off in the event of O2 failure
  • Colour coded internal pipework
  • Pressure relief valve

Twin Selectatec Manifold

Spacious and Deep Drawers




  • Calibration range: 0 to 5% and 0 to 8% set by using a Laser Refractometer, Agent Capacity: 250 ± 25ml
  • Easy to turn dials with safety lock to prevent accidental turn-on
  • Agent specific vaporisers designed to provide constant output set by user
  • Interlock mechanism to lock in series with other vaporisers
  • Individually calibrated for specific anesthetic drug
  • Available in Screw fill, Meditec fill or Quik Fil®
  • Available for Halothane, Sevoflurane and Isoflurane


Integrated Ventilator

It has an in-built ventilator incorporating simplicity with all the advantages of a modern ventilator. It is microprocessor based sophisticated Anaesthesia Ventilator that provides optimum patient care in a quick to learn conventional design; offering easy handling, comprehensive patient care with enhanced performance, efciency and safety.
Anaesthesia Ventilator is an electronic time cycled compact ventilator with integrated patient alarms for safety.

  • High-Luminance 7” TFT colour display
  • Pneumatically driven electronically controlled combines sophistication and ease of use
  • Digitally selectable separate modes for adult & paediatric patients
  • Standard ventilation modes - CMV, SIMV & PCV
  • Pre-settable digital tidal volume (TV) and pre-settable electronic PEEP
  • Dynamic Compliance Monitoring
  • PEEP monitoring
  • FiO2 Monitoring
  • Adjustable Inspiratory time, Expiratory time and flow rate
  • Adjustable low and high pressure alarms
  • Can be used in closed circuit anaesthesia and also to drive a bains circuit
  • Easy to clean detachable ascending bellows unit
  • Alarms
    • Low supply gas pressure
    • Power failure
  • Disconnection
  • Battery low/ discharged
  • VT, MV High & Low
  • Airway Pressure High & Low


Integrated Circle System Absorber

  • Bypass switch - Allows canister change during ventilation
  • Bag ventilator switch - Easy changeover from ventilator to bag & vice versa
  • Automatic ventilator switching from absorber switch
  • Moisture drain valve
  • Quick release sodalime canister system
  • APL valve range 0~70 cm HO2
  • Ergonomically designed swivel breathing bag arm
  • Double canister system with two canister of approx. 1kg each
  • Autoclavable parts
  • Airway pressure manometer


Standard Package

  • Three Gas machine O2 & N2O with dual flow rotameter and single flowmeter for Air
  • Integrated Ventilator
  • Circle System Absorber
  • Two agent specific Meditec England Pisces Vaporiser of customer's choice (Halothane/ Isoflurane/ Sevoflurane)
  • One Meditec England 747 Patient Monitor
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