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Model No.: 54-3100EW, Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

How Does it Work

"MEDIKRAFT" Oxygen concentrator is based on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology-NASA derived technology that utilizes unique molecular sieves to separate air into its constituents part of Nitrogen, Oxygen and trace gases. The "MEDIKRAFT" Oxygen Concentrator redirects the Oxygen for use out the front, while it ejects the Nitrogen and trace gases back into the atomosphere. The PSA system was developed as an alternative to the cryogenic separation of gases whose purity of oxygen accords with the medical standard.


  • No other raw materials are needed except air; low consumption of power and low cost of oxygen production.
  • All gas circuit is controlled by low pressure system, which operates securely and reliably.
  • Adjustable flow rate; making oxygen while supply continuously; switch on or off at any time.
  • Convenient operation; excellent performance; low noise.
  • Atomoizing device can be filled if necessary, oxygen therapy and atomizing therapy being implemented simultaneously.

Why would use this

Anyone wishing to increase their access to Oxygen at home or in hospitals, clinics, health care centers, rest homes, P.E. training centers, body-builing centers, high mountains, beauty salons, and oxygen bars.

Applied Range

  • Respiratory Diseases: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; chronic bronchititis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary emphysema, silicosis, cor pulmonale.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, rheumatic heart disease and congenital heart disease.
  • Cerebrovascular Accidents: Cerebral hemorrhage, cerebrovascular block, etc.
  • Plateau Diseases: Plateau pulmonary edema, plateau brain edema and plateau heart disease.
  • Discomfort of gravida and fetus in the womb
  • Geriatric disorder: vascular stiff, dizziness, hemicrania and plateau dementia.
  • Sleep apnea: breathing pause when sleeping
  • Acute or chronic lack of oxygen due to other causes.

When having the oxygen care

  • The middle-age or aged: anti-senility, or especially when emotional activation or stress.
  • Braing fatigue: Overbrain due to long period of intellectual work, emotional activation or stress
  • Athletic fatigue
  • Gravida and fetus
  • Air conditioning disease


  • Oxygen Flow (L/min): 0~5
  • Oxygen concentration(%): 93% ± 3%
  • Oxygen delivery pressure (Mpa): 0.03 ~ 0.07(4.5-10psi)
  • Noise dB (A):≤50
  • Atomizing pellet (ml/min):≥0.5
  • Size (mm):495(H) x 475 (W) x 730 (D)
  • Net weight(kg):28.5
  • Power: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1 Hz
  • Power consumption:450 W
  • Electric classification: Class II Grade B
  • Power failure alarm: Yes
  • High & low pressure alarm: Yes
  • Oxygen parity indicator (Virtual) : Yes
  • Hour Meter (Timer): Yes
  • Oxygen Outlet:Two



  • Humidifier Bottle: 02 Nos.
  • Nasal Catheter: 02 Nos.
  • Oxygen Mask: (Adult,Infant / New Born)01 Each
  • Filter: 02 Set
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