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Portable Steam Autoclave, (Wing-Nut Type)

Portable Steam Autoclave

The Portable single drum autoclave, simple and economical to use, is designed to meet the requirements of small Clinics, laboratories etc. Seamless container is made of thick aluminum sheet. The lid is made of Aluminum casting fitted with pressure gauge, steam release valve, double safety valve. The safety valve is adjusted to release off the steam at 17 lbs. P.S.I maintaining the constant pressure of 15 lbs.
2000 Watts, 220/230 Volts A.C.

Model No. Size (Dia x Height) Capacity
58-1530S 12"×12" 22 Ltr.
58-1530L 12"x15" 27 Ltr.
58-1530XL 14"x15" 37 Ltr.

(Also available in Non-Electric Models)

Portable Steam Autoclave, (Pressure Cooker Type)

Portable Steam Autoclave

It is a unique seamless Aluminum vessel with stainless steel or Epoxy finish that generates steam under pressure and temperature ranging between 110°C to 121°C. On reaching the right temperature the instruments are subjected to a saturated steam environment for pre-set specified time. This is how sterilization is safety and rapidly guaranteed.

Technical Specifications:

Model No. Size (Dia x Height) Wattage Capacity
58-1508 9"×10" 1.5 KW 10 Ltrs.
58-1510S 12"×12" 2 KW 22 Ltrs.
58-1510L 12"×14" 2 KW 25 Ltrs.
58-1512 12"×20" 2 KW 37 Ltrs.
58-1514 14"×18" 3 KW 45 Ltrs.

(Also available in Non-Electric Models)

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