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Model No.: 56-0127, Incubator Transport

Incubator Transport

Technical Specifications:

  • Incubator for transporting infant from area to area or for use with the emergency services.
  • Comprise an intensive care chamber 77 x 31 x 44 cms narrowing towards top.
  • Large twin pane flap to allow access to the whole chamber.
  • The flap also has two portholes with spring flaps.
  • Have several small holes to feed tubes and cables through in the front and on the top.
  • Supplied with two 2.5L oxygen cylinders
  • Nebuliser / humidifier produces a relative humidity of 50 - 80%
  • Air Skin Temperature: 35 to 40 Deg
  • The main heater is controlled thermostatically and able to hold the temperature for up to two hours even when not plugged into the mains.
  • Having an auxiliary heater for use when the external temperature becomes very low.

Thermal Performance:
We understands that Uniform/consistent temp, environment is important for the new borns, hence we have come up with transport incubator which reduces radiant heat loss from the infant during transport between departments or between hospitals.

Control Panel:
The controller features a display that is easy to read at any angle during transport. Displays for air and skin temperature help you maintain, control and provide essential information about the infants thermal support. Visual indicators for battery power status are designed to keep the caregiver in command. Microprocessor controlled system with air and skin modes of operation Displays both temperatures i.e. Air/Skin temp along with Settemp. Soft touch operation with digital display and extensive alarms.


  • Skin temp, low/high
  • Probe failure
  • Low battery
  • Power failure

Incase of high temperature i.e. above 38° C, heater automatically cuts off thus ensuring baby's safety in Skin Mode. Can be used on manual mode as well.
Set Temp, Range: 32° C to 38° C (skin), (in any working mode i.e. Servo/ Air)

Easy Access:
Quick and easy access through the side access door and front port holes. The side door folds down and the mattress retracts down out from the hood to provide access for emergency procedures. Infant restraint strap attached to the baby bed. To make transport easy, is designed to fit into smaller spaces. System weight has been reduced to enhance mobility and ease access in and out of emergency transport vehicles.

Collapsible Stainless Steel Stand:
With 2 No. Gas Spring for ambulance and in hospital transport purposes. Two Gas Spring system allow the stand to collapse lever if pulled and trolley is pressed from both the sides. Easy to clean and disinfect.

Power Source:
Transport incubator operates on AC or DC power, using AC when available or switching to its internal battery when necessary.

Battery :
The batteries used in the system are 12 volt ,18AH, sealed maintenance free v.r.l.a batteries

Charge time:
8-10 hrs per battery from full discharge

Hood Options:
Standard Single wall hood

Chassis Body:
Plastic (fibre) to shock proof the system.

Technical Specifications:

  • Height without hood : 39"
  • In collapsible stand mode : 29"
  • Height with hood : 49"
  • Width : 23"
  • Length : 53"
  • Weight : 75kg
  • Backup: 60-90mns
  • Size of Castors: 5"PU
  • Gas spring: 2
  • Sealed maintenance free battery :VRLA Batteries
  • Charge time : 10hrs.
  • Baby bed : 20x11"

Standard Features:

  • Single Wall Hood
  • Skin temperature probe/ Air Temp. Probe
  • 2 access doors
  • baby belt

Performance Characteristics:

  • Temperature Set Range :32°C 38°C
  • Temp Variability : 1.0°C
  • Temp uniformity : 1.0°C
  • Air filter : removes >99% of airborne particles greater than 0.5 micron

Control Displays:

  • Battery condition status: Single led indication of low battery condition on the side panel
  • Power mode : Illuminates AC, DC or external DC
  • Air/baby temp °C : Displays incubator air temp/ baby temperature
  • Alarm indicators : High temp, power fail, Sensor fault, heater temp. low DC.
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