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Biomedical Waste Autoclave

Biomedical Waste Autoclave


The purpose of the “Guideline for the Safe Use of Autoclaves” is to inform potential users and their supervisors of the issues that must be considered to ensure the autoclave process is undertaken in a safe, effective and efficient fashion.
It is important to recognize that specific faculties and departments may have more stringent operational requirements in place to meet their own needs. In addition, many of the autoclave facilities have dedicated individuals who are delegated the task of ensuring the autoclave is used properly, maintained regularly, quality assurance standards are met, and users are trained. You are therefore required to meet with these individuals prior to using an autoclave. If you have difficulty identifying the appropriate individual in your faculty or department contact for assistance.


Sterilizer is manufactured according to B.1.S. Standard IS:3829 (PART-I) The Steam Sterilizer Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Type designed for working at 2.26 Kgf/cm² and adjusted for operation at 1.05 to 2.2 Kgf/cm² (15 to 31 psi) approx. and corresponding temperature of the saturated steam inside the chamber about 121°C to 134°C.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Pressure 1.2 to 2.2 kg/cm2
Operating Temperature 121 to 134°C
Mode of Heating Electrical - 3 phase
Insulation Fiber glass wool (50mm thick)
Heater Water immersion type industrial Heaters
Hydraulic test pressure Jacket 4.4 kgf/cm2g Chamber 3.3 kgf/cm2g
Capacity 100 Ltrs. - 1000 Ltrs.
Gasket Silicon rubber
Temperature Range 0°C to 134°C


Triple walled, having chamber, with an annular steam jacket, designed to operate by separate steam generator (Boiler) heated by electricity with single point control as per IS:3829 (Part-II).

  • 1. Chamber : Chamber is made of stainless steel heavy gauge sheets & hydraulically tested at a pressure of 3.3 Kgf/cm2).
  • 2. Jacket : Jacket is made of stainless steel sheets and Hydraulically tested at a pressure of 4.4 Kgf/cm2.
  • 3. Steam Generator (Boiler) : Boiler is made of stainless steel sheet and tested upto 4.4 Kgf/cm2 hydraulically provided with heater plate.
  • 4. Door : Door is made of thick S.S. Plate. The door is having provision of adjustment.
  • 5. Locking : Radial locking with self locking system to protect from opening of door while in use.
  • 6. Gasket : Door is provided with Gasket made of silicon rubber.
  • 7. Water Level Indicator : Boiler provided with water level indicator Glass tube.
  • 8. Multi port valve : Mounted on the Top at front to control (Operating) the sterilization cycle.
  • 9. Exhaust Valve : Two spread exhausting valve as fast and slow
  • 10. Safety Valve : Provided on the Boiler to release excess pressure.
  • 11. Jacket Safety Valve : Jacket Safety valve is an additional valve to release excess pressure if Boiler safety valve does not function.
  • 12. Vacuum Breaker : The jacket is provided with an automatic device to admit air to jacket in the event of formation of vacuum in the jacket due to steam condensation.
  • 13. Baffle : For effective distribution of steam in the chamber a baffle of non - corrosive metal or a sprange pipe is fitted to distribute steam effectively throughout the chamber.
  • 14. Chamber Drain : The sterilizer chamber is fitted with one or more chamber drain lines, for thoroughly evacuation of air and condensate from the chamber, during the steam exposure stage of the sterilizing cycle . Each drain line is fitted with a thermostatic steam trap and a check valve. The bore is such as to allow evacuation within 10 to15 minute of introduction of steam, except for bulk sterilizers.
  • 15. Data Logger : Display chamber pressure & chamber temp. & sterilization time.
  • 16. Printer : Printing facility of sterilization pressure, temp. & timing.
  • 17. Bypass Line : Fitted in chamber drain line along with valve.
  • 18. Plug Screen : The chamber end of the drain have easily removable plug screen to prevent large articles from entering the line.
  • 19. Temp. Gauge (Analog Type) : The chamber drain line is fitted with a temperature measuring device (Thermo meter) and is readable from the front of sterilizer.
  • 20. Gauges : Single door sterilizer fitted with pressure gauge to indicate the jacket pressure and a compound pressure- vacuum gauge to indicate the pressure & vacuum in the chamber. Both Gauges are easily readable from the front of the sterilizer.
  • 21. Heating : Boiler is electrically heated by immersion heaters wired for operation on 3 phase, 4 wire 400 / 440 V, 50 HZ A.C. Supply.
  • 22. Control Box It contains :
    (a) A low water protection device fitted in the boiler:- To cut off electric supply to heaters when water level falls below the heater level.
    (b) Pressure Switch: To control working pressure. It also contains contactor, starter & pilot lights.
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