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Biomedical Waste Shredder

Biomedical Waste Shredder

(Total Destruction of Medical, Plastic & Paper Waste Material)


The biggest problem faced by all of us today is pollution caused by unsafe disposal of toxic & hazardous material. Since the materials like empty glucose bottles, hoses syringes, gloves, waste papers etc. when burnt, emit gases. Such materials have to be disposed off properly by alternate safe methods, which when thrown are collected and resold in a new packaging, giving the impression of a fresh one and results in the spread of deadly diseases amongst us. Waste Shredder is designed to avoid such infections and make the Environment pollution free.


Shredders are specially designed for wide variety of materials and as a very versatile equipment. They offer correct balance between capacity and horse power requirement. For a given capacity & HP these are most STURDY compared to conventional office shredders.
Shredders are designed for shredding of plastic hospital waste like blood bags, IV /blood transfusion sets/barrels/pistons of disposables, syringes, scalpel blades, needles, glass, vials etc.


  • Consists of heavy duty frame with powder coated M.S. sheet.
  • Equipment design permits easy & safe loading of material through sturdy hopper and collection of shredded material in containers avoiding spill over & prevent flying particles and aerosols.
  • The shredding process is done in a closed system.


  • Finishing & Producing Industry
  • Hospitals/ Nursing Homes
  • Bio - Medical Waste
  • Laboratories
  • Catering Industry
  • Supermarkets
  • Municipal Authorities
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Card Board Industry

Roller Cutter:

  • The cutter is of roller cutter type with jam prevention, having alarm facility.
  • The cutter is made of non-corrosive alloy steel of appropriate-size and it is designed to the latest technology for longer life and higher output.
  • The final treated waste is non-reusable & non recognizable.

For sharp needles & syringes, always first burn the needle & then cut the syringe in Electrical & Manual Needle Destroyer provided with shredder machine before shredding.

Technical Specifications:

Drive Motor 3 HP 3 Phase ~ 10 HP 3 Phase
Capacity 10 kg/hr - 200 Kg/hr
Auto Reverse & Control Panel PLC of OMRON, Switches, Contactors, Relay of BCH make, Indicators of technique make.
Power Supply Suitable to work on 440V, Three Phase 50 Hz AC supply
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