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42-0112, Infusion Set

  • Clear, Transparent & flexible drip chamber. Sharp and easy piercing air vented / non vented spike. 20 drops / ml. Smooth roller clamp facilities easy, safe control and adjustment of fluid rates.
  • Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing. Non-Toxic, Pyrogen Free & Sterile by EO.

Options Available:

  • With or without air vented spike.With or without "Y" injection port (Latex or Latex - free).
  • Luer Lock or Luer Slip. With or without flow regulator. integrated into Infusion set for precise flow control. With Customized Tube Length.Needle free "Y" site.


  • Sterile, individually packed in HM/ Paper pouch.
Technical Details
Spike with Cover ABS
Drip Chamber Moulded
Chamber Dia 15mm
Latex Bulb Latex, Ampoule Latex
Needle 21g x 1.25" / 21g x 1.5"
Tubing Medical Grade PVC
Technical Details
Tube Length 150cm / 180cm / 200cm
Tube Diameter 2.70 mm ID x 3.90mm OD / 3.0mm ID x 4.1mm OD
Filter 15 micron fluid filter in drip chamber
Flow Regulator HDPE
Adaptor HDPE
No. of Carton per 20 Feet Container 300 (150,000 Pcs)

42-0120, Measured Volume Set

  • IV infusion set with a well marked drip chamber for precise fluid administration.
  • Flexible, graduated burette with markings upto 110/150ml
  • Efficient roller controller for better flow control.
  • Special Bevelled strong spike for smooth penetration.
  • Air inlet with bacterial filter and injection port.
  • Disc filter inside the drip chamber for adequate filtration
  • Soft roller clamp for regulating the rate of fluid infusion to the patient
  • Soft and Kink Resistant PVC tubing.
  • Needle size G23. Approx 60 drops / ml.

Options available:

  • Available with or without 'Y' connection.
  • Bulb Latex or Tube latex for easy flushing.
  • Luer Lock or Luer Slip.
  • Capacity : 110ml or 150ml


  • Sterile, individual packed.
Technical Details
Container Loadability 20'FCL 40'FCL
Single Moulded Chamber 150, 000 315, 500
Double Moulded Chamber 135, 000 270, 000

42-0125, Blood Administration Set

  • Designed for transfusion of blood or blood component
  • Transparent & Flexible drip chamber
  • Moulded latex flush ball injection membrane for intermittent medication
  • 20 drops / ml
  • Clear, transparent and soft tubing manufactured from medical grade PVC
  • Cylindrical drip chamber provided With 200 micron filter to prevent passage of any clot
  • Efficient roller controller for accurate adjustment of infusion rate
  • Needle: 18 G. Single use, sterile and Pyrogenic free.

Options available:

  • Double drip chamber. With or without air vented spike
  • With or without "Y" injection por (Latex or Latex - free). Luer Lock or Luer Slip
  • With Customised Tube Length


  • Sterile, individual packed in HM/ Paper pouch.
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