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Today, the Nosocomial* infection rates have reached alarming levels in the Hospitals. The reasons are many: Hospitals house large numbers of people who are sick and whose immune systems are often in a weakened state; Increased use of outpatient treatment means that people who are in the hospital are sicker on average; Medical staff move from patient to patient, providing a way for pathogens to spread; Many bypass the body's natural protective barriers; Sanitation protocol of uniforms, equipment sterilization, washing, and other preventative measures may be either ignored by hospital staff or they may be negligent to sufficiently isolate patients from infectious agents or most commonly: the Operating Theatres and ICUs are not well made and equipped to control the infection growth.
Medikraft Ultra Clean Room Concepts for the Operating Rooms and ICUs in Hospitals are designed & built to Control the Infection Growth and help reduce Post Operative Infections.

*Nosocomial Infection: are infections which are a result of treatment in a hospital or a healthcare service unit, but secondary to the patient's original condition.

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