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Energy Bridge

Energy Bridge

ADMECO first implemented the idea of enclosing the operating field with an energy supply bridge in 1978 – and immediately met with a very broad positive response.
Until 1985, ADMECO was the only manufacturer producing this energy supply bridge concept. Gradually, though, other suppliers have adopted ADMECO's original solution – and in so doing pay a lasting tribute to the sustainability of 's ADMECO innovative vision. Today, an operating room energy supply bridge is very real alternative to conventional ceiling pendant units.
Typically, the ADMECO energy supply bridge is immediately noticed because of its exceptionally compact design.
The exceptionally compact design, giving it a unique elegance strikingly different from other brands. Moreover, the flexibility of our equipment carriers underlines just how ergonomic and easy-to-use our energy bridges are.
Yet despite the extremely compact form, the ADMECO energy supply bridge is exceptionally robust, as evidenced by the excentrally arranged monitor consoles and arms.
The ADMECO energy supply bridge service side is deliberately setaway from the aseptic operating field – a solution maintaining adistance between the laminar field and the bridge, systematically preventing non-sterile equipment from projecting into the sterile laminar field.

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