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Model No.: 52-0100, Hydraulic OT Table

Hydraulic OT Table

Universal operating tables is designed for supporting the patient during carrying out treatments and operations in the range of general surgery, vascular surgery, cardio surgery, neurosurgery, urology, proctology, gynaecology, laryngology, ophthalmology, endoscopy, laparoscopy, traumatology, oncology, dentistry, plastic surgery and others.

  • Five section Hydraulic Operating Table
  • The table top is made of specially developed radio-translucent material for excellent fluoroscopic capacity
  • Operating positions i.e. Height adjustment with hydraulic pump, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelen-burg, Lateral Tilt, Back Section, Flex, Reflex, Chair position through cranks fitted at the side end of the table
  • Head and Foot Sections are removable and inter-changeable, capacitating a single table's use in varied surgical procedures. These are manually operated by means of ratchet system
  • Built-in Kidney Elevator
  • Non-corrosive SS 304 Grade Stainless Steel base and cylinder covers for easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Maintenance Free Lifting System: State-of-the-art lifting system comprising of YST310 Grade SHS Tube and hi-precision bearings with large contact surface which ensures the highest rigidity for heavy loads and smooth up-down movement

Operating Positions:

  • Height adjustment with hydraulic pump
  • Trendelenburg
  • Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Lateral Tilt
  • Built-in Kidney Elevator

Technical Specifications:

  • Table Top Size (LxW): 1880x500 mm
  • Minimum Height (without mattress):770 mm
  • Maximum Height (without mattress):1070mm
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg:20° / 20°
  • Lateral Tilt (Left/Right): 20°/ 20°
  • Back Section Adjustment:+ 80° / - 20°
  • Head Section Adjustment: + 40° /-90°
  • Leg Section Adjustment: + 15°/-90°
  • Kidney Bridge: 125mm
  • Load Capacity: 180 Kgs
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm


Standard Accessories

  • ‘L’ shaped Anaesthetic Screen: One pc
  • Padded Shoulder Support: One pair
  • Padded Lateral Support: One pair
  • Radio-translucent Armboard with pad: Two pcs
  • Wristlet: One pair
  • Goepel Knee Crutch with straps: One pair
  • PU Foam Mattress: One set

Vertical Movement (up/down)

Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg

Lateral Tilt

Back Rest (up/down)


Head Rest (up/down)

Leg Rest (up/down)

Kidney Support (up/down)



Height Up & Down


Reverse Trendelenburg

Lateral Tilt (Left/Right)




Lithotomy Position

Chair Position

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