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Organisational success depends on a fast company-internal organisation. Information must be processed efficiently and passed on immediately – mostly across departments.
Speed is required especially when processing business and freight documents. Pneumatic tube systems operate quietly, quickly, reliably, and around the clock. Urgently needed documentation can be transported with only a negligible time exposure and via the most direct route and be processed faster.
Efficient logistics is vital to large building complexes. Therefore, our pneumatic tube systems are an integral part of the daily work routine in many organisations: whether in shipping companies, logistics centres, administrations, central depots and commercial warehouses, printers’ companies, publishing houses – the pneumatic tube system connects departments and decentralised buildings
Features & Advantages
  • No expensive, time-consuming errands and waiting times
  • More operational and organisational efficiency by fast, on-demand transport
  • Low operating and maintenance costs - commercial advantages are also convincing in respect of such smaller enterprises as, for example, group practices
  • Security in transport of confidential loads by access restriction
Pneumatic Tube Station
Pneumatic Tube Station
Non-Electronic Documents Are Sent Faster Than Every Massenger

JSN UniForm Module

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