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Banks are highly complex service providers fulfilling a large number of highly responsible purposes and functions, whereby first-class, fast service, individual customer care, and naturally, minimal costs combined with an optimal security situation at the same time are taken for granted.
Sumetzberger’s pneumatic tube systems for banks connect a bank’s service area with the back office, which is mostly situated separately at a distance. Thus, the money supply to the counters, the dispatch of documents and administrative papers are handled in the fastest possible manner.
The counters can perform more tasks (consultation, information & money transactions). Every staff member can be responsible for providing information, consultation, and handling of non-cash as well as cash transactions. In addition, any customer care point can be manned by other employees at any time.
The need for the customer to queue several times is thus avoided. The personnel deployment can simply be adjusted to the customer frequency.
Features & Advantages
  • No need for internal cash transports by the cashiers.
  • More security because service area is physically seperated from the back office. There is hardly any cash present in the customer area
  • More time for customers and comprehensive consultation
  • Errands, waiting periods, and queuing several times are eliminated
  • Improved work efficiency because counters can perform more tasks: consultation, information & money transactions
  • Money storage expenses are low since all cash revenues are immediately available for payouts
  • The implementation of a drive-in bank and remote teller solution is possible to handle every banking transaction beyond regular open hours
  • Statistical interpretation of data (e.g. to enable cost-centre oriented accounting of the system costs)
Bank service areaBank service area

Central money supply

This special pneumatic tube system creates a connection between the bank counters in the lobby and a central money depot in a secure area, most commonly the bank vault.
The system
Several independent lines connect the central money depot and the bank counters; as a result, they can be operated simultaneously and independently of one another. The carriers are sent from and received through patented elevator stations which can be invisibly integrated into the counter and which are designed to receive tubes from below. The tubes themselves can be installed on top of or inside the floor or on the lower story’s ceiling.
Features & Advantages
  • Bi-directional systems additionally supply the counters with change
  • Especially space-saving terminals below the cash desk
  • User-friendly handling


Drive-in counter

A successful concept 
 The drive-in counter is a very successful concpt, all counters are outside of the bank and connected with the inside-counter. The video- and the intercommunication system provide the intervisibility and the verbal communication between client and the personal banker, the pneumatic tube system transported money, bills, receipts and statements of account.
Efficient and secure costumer service
Therewith a very convenient, quick and secure client support is possible, cash dispenser and night depository can be used without leaving the car.


Remote Teller System

 The remote teller system (RTS) from Sumetzberger allows a teller to serve clients from a remote location as close as just behind the counter. Cash, coin and documents are moved easily and effortlessly between teller and customer.
It is an effective way to offer personal, face-to-face service enhancing security and safety as well as convenience for both: clients and tellers. 

The System
The remote teller solution consists of one or several client stations in the lobby area connected with the cash desk area via a pneumatic tube systems. A high-quality video and audio system establishes audio-visual contact between the client and the teller, the pneumatic tube system transports documents, cash, account statements, etc., thus facilitating fast, but still individual service.
Promotionally effective advertising and information videos can be streamed in order to shorten the waiting time at the client station. 

Features & Advantages
  • Full customer service is provided from a remote location.
  • Audio and video communication between customer and teller.
  • Physical connection by pneumatic tube system.
  • Remote location of tellers provides increased security.
  • Extended business hours are possible at lower operating costs.
  • Enhancement to marketing by video messaging system that streams commercials.
  Client Terminal
     Client Terminal

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