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In all publically accessible areas accumulating large sums of cash. Maximum security is the highest priority: Open handling of cash at the check-out as well as the internal manual transport has a high risk potential for the personnel and customers. These areas are the target of daily thefts and robberies.
Sumetzberger’s industrial and commercial cash desk pneumatic tube systems regulate the internal money transport quickly, safely, and reliably and thus, protect the cash and the staff.
The pneumatic tube system can transport the excess cash reserves directly from the cash desk to the main cash desk or to the vault. Reversely, cash desks can be provided with change if needed.
Features and Benefits
  • More safety for customers and personnel by fully automatic transport of cash and change.
  • No time-consuming errands, cash payments can be processed earlier.
  • More cost-effectiveness by lower insurance expenditure and robbery risk coverage.
Uni-directional system
Isometry of a Sumetzberger Uni-directional system

Uni-directional system

Larger amounts of cash in retail always constitute a security risk. They are stored unprotected in the checkout area and the checkout personnel have to transport them to the main cash desk several times during the course of a working day – a highly problematic situation from a security point of view.
Sumetzberger’s one-way pneumatic tube systems eliminate the risk of theft and robbery – a clever and cost-effective solution. This system meets the standard demands of supermarkets, petrol stations, cinemas, banks and toll booths.
Features and Benefits
  • For safe and secure cash evacuation from the checkout stations to the secure area.
  • High speed, uni-directional transport of cash.
  • Space saving design of stations at the cash desks.
  • More user acceptance by clear, simple handling and servicing.
Uni-directional systemThe one-way pneumatic tube system - a cost-effective and safe solution

Cash Handling System KA500

The KA500 system from Sumetzberger allows for efficient and functional cash evacuation. It provides direct connection between the checkouts and the safe area.
KA500 systems can be built in tube size NW90 using seal bags with zip closure. They are sent directly from the checkouts into the safe to be collected for example by the security transport company.
The small-tube PTS solution has been specially tailored to the standard demands of small and medium sized supermarkets, petrol stations, cinemas, banks and toll booths.
Features & Advantages
  • Fully automatic uni-directional system for small tube diameter
  • Safety and security for cash, staff and customers
  • More user acceptance by clear, simple handling and servicing
  • Advanced flexibility in planning and installation provided by compact design and space-saving dimensions
  • Highest availability by well-engineered mechanism
KA500 Cash System
KA500 - espacially developed for the needs of small supermarkets, petrol stations, cinemas, etc.


Sumetzberger’s concept of improved shop security offers a series of customised solutions. The outstanding Safe Line system was developed as a closed cash handling system that guarantees maximum safety and efficiency.
Today, many organisations rely on the Safe Line system to organise the cash processing in the back office area substantially easier, more space-saving, and safer.
Owing to the fully automatic opening mechanism, the money already sent to the main cash desk is transported to and unloaded directly into the vault fully automatically. The carrier does not leave the system and is therefore available at any time.
Features & Advantages
  • Fully automatic unloading technology  for tube diameter NW160.
  • More efficiency in the back office by automatic transport to the vault, without manually unloading of the carrier.
  • Space saving storage of cash deposits. Only the cash, not the carrier, is deposited in the vault, so you can save money because of less work for the cash transport company
  • Highest availability by well-engineered mechanism and outstanding technology.
No carrier handling: Cash deposits are transported by the automatic unloading carrier into the safe.

Bi-directional systems

The dispatch of cash revenues to the main cash desk and the supply of cash desks with change are high-risk processes. Valuable working time is often wasted on these extremely dangerous errands.

Sumetzberger’s pneumatic tube systems counteract this in two ways: on the one hand, they protect your revenues and offer optimal protection from theft and robbery and on the other hand, they ensure that all cash desks have sufficient change at their check outs.
Features & Advantages
  • For safe and secure, bi-directional cash evacuation and supply with change.
  • More efficiency in the back office by automatic transport to the vault, without manually unloading of the carrier.
  • Monitoring and tracking of each transfer enables detailed documentation and statistical evaluation.
  • Additional safety features such as, for instance, the lockable loading magazines or user identification offer improved protection.
  • Space-saving, elegant design of stations can be optimally adapted to any individual market concept.
Bi-Directional Isometry
Isometry of the Bi-directional system
aluminium stationCheckout area with slim-line aluminium station

JSN UniForm Module

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