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Sample transport

A hospital laboratory is often a place of intense activity: countless samples arrive here daily and are analyzed, evaluated, and the results passed on, and all of that under enormous time pressure. By using pneumatic tube systems samples taken can be sent for analysis immediately, without running time-consuming errands.
Features & Benefits
  • Improved efficiency by fast, accurate  transport without time loss
  • On-demand transport eliminate bottle-necks
  • No loss of sample quality by gentle, shock-free transport and variable transport speed  
  • More safety - hermetically sealed carriers minimize the risk of contamination of personnel and tube system
  • Higher throughput by multiple sending and receiving stations that are able to send and receive more carriers
  • More space - laboratories can be centralized

Emergency sample transport

During surgery every second counts. Especially during cancer surgery excised tissue samples often have to be brought for analysis to an emergency laboratory to determine whether the tumor is malignant. Only then can the operation be continued. Understandably, the entire process may not take more than a few minutes.
Pathology samples, rapid cuts, and tissue biopsies are sent to the laboratory via the shortest and most reliable route using the pneumatic tube system.
Features and Benefits
  • no unnecessary delays for "priority" transports. Emergency loads can overtake carriers dispatched earlier without losing any time
  • Improved specimen turnaround time and hospital staff  and surgeon receive results quicker
  • Effective time-management - duration of surgeries and the patient's treatment burden can be reduced by short wait times
  • perfect risk management for safe transport - documentation of transport of the carrier with defined content

Transport of pharmaceuticals

In hospitals, fast and reliable provision of pharmaceuticals to wards and out-patient departments is vital and, owing to the pneumatic tube system, possible around the clock. All departments can be supplied from a central pharmacy in flawless quality while eliminating time-consuming errands and loss of time.
Features and Benefits
  • Safe transport also of liquid medicines and infusion bottles enabled by maximum leak protection
  • More space - stocks in the decentralized medicine storage depots can be reduced
  • Maximum protection of drugs and hazardous loads from unauthorized access by ID cards or pin code
  • More security by real-time monitoring and tracking of each transfer

Transport of blood

Blood is a valuable and highly sensitive transport load. The fast, reliable transport of donor blood, plasma, and other blood products throughout the hospital is therefore very important and often lifesaving. Errands waste precious time and the quality of the delicate load could be changed.

Sumetzberger offers state of the art technology and safe and efficient solutions for transport and documentation. Furthermore the advanced carrier tracking technology complies fully with European Blood Directive 2002/98/EC.
Features and Benefits
  • No loss of time by fast but shock-free transport.
  • Guaranteed blood integrity by gentle and individually variable speed technology.
  • A maximum of hygiene standards and leak protection.
  • More security by real-time monitoring and tracking of each transfer.

Auto unload system

Auto unload technology created by the technology leader on PTS-sector Sumetzberger
A hospital laboratory is a place of intense activity: countless samples arrive, are annualized, evaluated and the results passed on. Manual unloading can become a major duty in laboratories. Each single carrier has to be opened manually, the samples have to be taken out, the empty carrier has to be closed and loaded into the station for return.

Intelligent laboratory automation reduces these manual steps. Sumetzberger’s Automatic unload systems help labs to rationalize processes for higher throughput and maximum efficiency. The unloading and sending of carriers, that was previously performed manually, is automated and staff is released from these activities with low added value.

Features and Benefits:
  • More productivity and efficiency by better workflow processing
  • Improved safety and reduced risk for users by fully automatic unloading to prevent the risk of cross-contaminating and to enable hygienic handling 
  • More flexibility in installation by space-saving dimensions
  • Safe, reliable operation by well engineered construction and innovative technology

Lab automation

A fully automatic system can perform most laboratory tasks without human interaction, while a
The cutting-point for lab-automation modular approach automates only targeted functions. Modular devices are especially well-suited for automating front-end processes such as labelling, centrifugation, sorting, and aliquoting speciments.
One advantage of the modular strategy is that it spreads the costs of automating over a longer period of time and allows the laboratory to adopt a wait-and-see attitude with respect to the need for a larger system. The decision to use a modular, phased-in approach instead of purchasing a completely automated system depends on the size of the laboratory, throughput needs, and anticipated laboratory growth.

Auto-Unload-carrier with insert

Pharmacy automation

In cooperation with Rowa - the leading manufacturer of storage and dispensing systems - Sumetzberger developed a complete solution which combined both systems in a perfect way. All procedures - from storage until delivery - are fully automated.
  • constant availability and delivery of medication through fully-automatic handling
  • centralised drug logistics for more space and less stock
  • reliable and transparent medicament supply because of contol of warehouse stock and date of expiry and furthermore traceability of all transportations
pharmacy automation
consistently supply of pharmaceuticals round the clock


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