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Industrial facilities are extremely complex systems with numerous departments and diverse work areas. Nowadays companies face ever growing requirements such as, for example, low production costs and simultaneously, compliance with all necessary quality standards. Industrial pneumatic tube systems constitute extremely quick, reliable, and cost-effective support for fulfilling of these criteria.
Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems transport, packed in special dispatch cases, small parts, powder, granulate materials, tools as well as cold or hot steel samples.
Pneumatic tube systems can logistically cover for even the largest commercial and manufacturing facilities, which make distances insignificant. Such necessary objects as, for example, spare parts or original documents arrive where they are needed.

Features & Advantages
  • More productivity because employees do not waste time on company-internal errands.
  • More efficiency by automatic, rapid transport even over long distances.
  • More safety with modern technology. Even hot steel samples, granules, oils or highly toxic hazardous loads are transported safely and securely.
  • Reliable, proven technology for maximum performance.
  • Special environmental conditions are considered.
Industrial systems
Sumetzberger Industrial systems - in use all over the world

Fully automated systems

Handling chemical substances represents a great risk. The fastest and safest way to transport these with as little opportunity for contact as possible is a pneumatic tube system.
The system
In these complex networks, the carriers are loaded and sent off automatically, unloaded automatically, and empty carriers are returned automatically. The microprocessor control with its standardized data interface ensures trouble-free communication with the process control systems.

Features & Advantages
  • Safe and hygienic working and less physical contact with the load by automatic unloading and loading of the carrier.
  • Faster processing and streamlined workflows.
  • Gentle transport of delicate loads guarantee by well-developed mechanisms and proven technology.
  • Facilitated installation of complete systems by flexible module design.
  • More safety provided by microprocessor control with self-diagnostics and a power cut protection function.
Isometry of a fully automated pneumatic tube system
Isometry of a fully automated pneumatic tube system from Sumetzberger
Automatic loading and unloading stationAutomatic loading and unloading station

Transport of hot samples

The production of steel from liquid raw iron requires strict quality control during the course of the process. The fastest and most reliable way to the analysis is a pneumatic tube system. Hot and cold steel samples as well as slag can be transported safely and without the loss of quality even over long distances.
The especially robust version of the industrial pneumatic tube system is designed specifically for the transport of samples and heavy-duty industrial use. The full-metal stations and the three-way diverters in the same style in combination with conventional system components guarantee an optimal system adjustment to your operational structure.
This two- or multi-point system is suitable for transporting hot or cold steel samples due to several of its features, such as the robust metal construction of all system components and tube lines, and the gentle slowing down of the arriving carriers. Our high-grade steel carriers guarantee a safe and risk-free transport.
Features & Advantages
  • Safe and reliable transport of hot or cold steel samples without loss of time and quality.
  • Risk-free transport enabled by robust metal construction of all system components, transport carriers and tube lines.
  • Proven technology solutions, especially for the steel production and heavy industry.
  • Stations are designed for heavy-duty industrial use.
Isometrie hot samples transport
Isometrie hot samples transport
Carrier and station for hot and cold steel samples
Station and carrier for hot and cold steel samples

Transport of samples

The departments in large manufacturing plants are often far apart from each other. In such a case, time-consuming errands can significantly affect the manufacturing process. The pneumatic tube system can help by safely transporting the samples in a fluid, solid or powder form between manufacture and the test laboratory without the loss of time and quality.
The system
The laboratory station facilitates operation with features such as gentle carrier arrival, dispatch magazine and a keyboard for selecting the returning carrier’s destination. The plant station and its operating elements are easy to use and dependable thanks to their heavy-duty construction. The microprocessor control maximizes the level of safety and reliability with its self-diagnosis feature and emergency power system.
Features & Advantages
  • Safe and reliable transport of samples in a fluid, solid or powder form without loss of quality.
  • User-friendly operation and safe handling of samples.  
  • Proven technology solutions for different fields of applications.
  • Stations are designed for heavy-duty industrial use.
Isometrie diverter system
Isometry diverter system
slide stationThe user friendly slide station enables safe, reliable and convenient handling

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